La Saint-Valentin au cœur de l’inspiration des éditeurs de machine à sous en ligne

Au fil du temps, le jour de la Saint-Valentin est devenu une véritable occasion de faire fortune pour certains commerçants comme les fleuristes, les chocolatiers et autres magasins de cadeaux en tous genres.

De son côté, le marché des jeux en ligne dont celui de la machine à sous a également proposé des cadeaux spécialement réalisés pour l’occasion, des machines à sous concoctées à l’inspiration de l’amour et de la tendresse. Voici quelques plateformes de jeu éditées sous le signe du cœur.Continue reading

The Jim Feist method

At the cornerstone of any successful betting strategy stands a solid bankroll management and this is the first lesson that beginners need to learn. Many are simply focusing on finding the best betting techniques, while ignoring this essential element, which explains their lack of success. The Jim Feist method revolves almost exclusively around bankroll management and teaches players how to divide their investment in a sensible way, to offset the risk of downswings.Continue reading

Stargames to expand to Australia in 2015

One of the perks of globalization is that players can now enjoy the best stargames24073-SG_HBox_1er_Poker casino games from the comfort of their home, regardless of where they are located.

Internet Ladbrokes casino are providing them with these titles and go to great lengths to meet prospective customers half way, so they don’t have to make any difficult decisions.Continue reading

Coral and Odobo sign major deal

Coral Casino set another milestone by shaking hands with the company that developed the first HTML5 Marketplace and coralnewsDeveloper Program for online casinos.

The partnership between Winner casino the largest online and land-based operators in United Kingdom and the software developer is expected to provide even more players with unrestricted access to the latest technologies.Continue reading