Paf Casino adds Skrill payment option

One of the few online casinos as Bovada who donate all the profits to charity, Game twist offers the same outstanding services aspaf-casino-logo for-profit casinos.

One of the things that prospective players demand when opening a new account is to be provided with several payment options, in addition to the traditional credit cards.

Those who choose this gambling operator, will rejoice hearing that in addition to existing deposit and withdrawal methods, electronic wallets have been added.

Skrill is by far the most popular in the casino industry, with the operator being better known as Moneybookers. Even though the name has changed last year, they offer the same reliable service and have emerged as a leading supplier of loyalty reward programs. In the online gambling industry, they have a dominant position and what makes them stand out from the crowd is the convenience of deposits and withdrawals.

Paf Casino proudly announced this new payment method earlier this month and those who choose Skrill, can expect low commissions when making withdrawals and none when fueling their accounts.

This payment method will also grant players unrestricted access to the online VIP store, which provides a strong incentive to those who are not yet convinced by the loyalty program. All existing payment methods will be still available, but customers are encouraged to check out the new addition.

In Europe, Skrill is one of the biggest payment providers and with Paf Casino serving mostly players from the old continent, it comes as no surprise that they were the chosen payment solution.

If the legislation in the United States changes for the better, the online casino will probably allow US-based players to enjoy their services and they will also gain access to this payment method.

Headquartered in New York, Skrill has operations worldwide and it currently serves the American audience, even though not for gambling related purposes.

The infrastructure is there and the transition to gaming can be silky smooth, with all that it takes being for legislators to pass certain laws.

Paf Casino strives to stay in complete accord with existing regulations, so for the time being, they will only grant access to their services two players from jurisdictions where online gambling is allowed.