Stargames to expand to Australia in 2015

One of the perks of globalization is that players can now enjoy the best stargames24073-SG_HBox_1er_Poker casino games from the comfort of their home, regardless of where they are located.

Internet Ladbrokes casino are providing them with these titles and go to great lengths to meet prospective customers half way, so they don’t have to make any difficult decisions.

This means that players no longer have to settle for local operators even though they can’t match the promotions ran by outsiders and can always seek quality.

This is an argument that Stargames relies upon when prospecting an expansion to Australia next year, after acquiring a share of the Sports Trading Club Partnership.

These guys are already operating in Australia and New Zealand, while being widely regarded as the dominant players and they were also planning to expand beyond borders in Indochina and South Africa.

It is a bold plan, especially nowadays when so many companies are reluctant to make significant investments, but the benefits are self evident.
The Australian market is highly lucrative and Stargames has gradually expanded its offer, to cater for the needs of Aussie players. The online collection of online slot machines and video poker has expanded in 2014 and there are more than a handful of thematic titles available. This doesn’t mean that they are exclusively geared towards the

Australian market, as players from other countries find them just as appealing, yet this special favor makes them stand out from the crowd.

Taking on a new market and competing with local operators is not something to intimidate Stargames which has already dealt with strong contenders in other countries. They’ve got a great year and if 2015 is even half as successful as the one that is about to end, then the future is bright.

This will be a significant investment but the ones who succeed are those people who don’t hesitate to take chances and is the opportunity when it presents itself.

Looking over the results achieved over the last year, casino representatives decided that it is worth taking a leap of faith with this project and the wheels are already set in motion.

Further acquisitions could follow in 2015 and beyond, but this doesn’t mean that existing members will experience any problems or inconveniences of any nature.

Australia is at the top of the list, but other markets in East Asia look very attractive and the online casino could also expands to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

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