Sunmaker Casino to strengthen mobile gaming

Online casino games came a long way since their inception and those who remember the beginnings are surely impressed with modern-day sunnnmakerperformance.

Initially, only a couple of the classic games have been tweaked to run on desktop computers and is now possible to play on smartphones and tablets as well as laptops.

The revolution has started a long time ago and it is unstoppable, with the mobile devices being the future and Sunmaker Casino has been among the first to acknowledge that.

Their mobile gaming platform has been improved recently as a result of signing a deal with Nektan, which is one of the top providers of such services.

They gaming platform goes by the name of Evolve and they encourage players to check it out, because this is very likely to represent the future in this line of work. It supports both real money and virtual currency games, so those who don’t want to take any chances whatsoever will still enjoy the same outstanding gaming experience.

The idea is to encourage customers to make the transition from virtual currency to real money games, while simplifying matters for them. The chosen solution was to present them with the means to play using smartphones and tablets, without even requiring the latest devices. Regardless of the operating system that powers them, these gadgets can be put to good use because the Evolve platform works on any of them.

Add to this the fact that it is fully customizable to meet specific needs and it is obvious that Sunmaker Casino made the right choice when shaking hands with Nektan.

The software developer is already working closely with other online gambling groups and has a flawless track record that recommends it for this agreement.

They are also a leaders in the B2B niche and intend on using the mobile gaming platform technology to have their partners consolidate the customer base.

Gary Shaw, Nektan’s Executive Chairman told the media that he is delighted to have signed this partnership and has high expectations for 2015. His optimism is shared by the CEO of Mr Green Casino who hopes that by putting this state-of-the-art technology to good use, his company will also flourish.

Customers will be entertained and the luckiest ones can also win a nice amount in the process, as the mobile gambling platform supports both virtual and real money games.

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